Editorial Policy

“THE SCHOLAR” Islamic Academic Research Journal (SIARJ) is published by “Research Gateway Society”. The mission of SIARJ is to encourage scholarly research in Islamic thought.  The Journal provides a unique peer-reviewed forum for postgraduate students, scholars, professors, and researchers on various topics within Islamic thought.

Articles should be relevant and around the topics such as Uloom Al-Quran, Uloom Al-Hadith, Ilm-w-Usool-e-Fiqh, Comparative Religions, and, Islamic Literature, Cultural, etc. Similarly, introduction

& comments on Muslim Personalities and Islamic books.

  • Scholar Islamic Academic Research Journal (SIARJ) strictly follows the plagiarism policy of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan in its true letter and spirit. Manuscripts submitted to SIARJ should be original and must not be plagiarized. Every submitted article is checked for plagiarism through “Turnitin” software. If the Similarity Index (SI) of the article is above 19% then it is sent back to the corresponding author to revision and bring its SI below 19% If plagiarism is proved after the publication of the article, that article will be immediately withdrawn and removed from the journal website and the concerned authors will be considered ineligible for publication of their articles in SIARJ.
  • Research articles will be forwarded for peer review to two nominated referees, one National and the other Foreign after approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Copyright laws shall be applied in accordance with the HEC’s laws.
  • Editorial Committee reserves the right to necessary amendments, and cancellations,  in the articles sent. The editor shall inform the writer(s) of the opinion of the analysts and make necessary changes.
  • All research articles published in “THE SCHOLAR” express the viewpoints of their authors so every article is the sole responsibility of the writer whilst the Editorial Committee has no responsibility in this regard.